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                Welcome to the College of Materials and Energy website!

                School News

                  • GDUT Won the First Prize in...

                    In November 2020, FSAE team of GDUT played in Formula Student China. ?After the fierce competition, the team of GDUT won the national first prize with a total score of 506.33 points. Meanwhile, it ...

                  • Professor Huang Shaoming's ...

                    In 2020, Professor Huang Shaoming from the School of Materials and Energy and Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Materials and Energy Storage Devices, together with his research team membe...

                  • GDUT and Shenzhen EDAN Work...

                    On September 23, the Guangdong-Shenzhen EDAN Postgraduate Joint Training Base was unveiled in Shenzhen. Guangdong University of Technology and Shenzhen EDAN jointly established the Biomedical Techn...

                  Events and Notices

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                  Student Activities

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